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LA Medical Wholesale is in business for your business. Find the best selection, competitive pricing and fast, efficient service on each of the thousands of products we offer to our members. As an established home medical equipment wholesale provider, LA Medical Wholesale works with health care professionals in skilled nursing facilities, convalescent hospitals, medical supply companies, pharmacies and hospitals.

LA Medical Wholesale Serves Skilled Nursing Facilities

Skilled nursing facilities reorder supplies on a monthly basis. By working with LA Medical Wholesale, your nursing facility will benefit from our consciences staff and prompt delivery turnaround.

LA Medical Wholesale is Partnering with Pharmacies

Small and independently owned pharmacies can benefit from partnering with LA Medical Wholesale to have access to more equipment and supplies with a prompt delivery turnaround and knowledgeable representatives who can assist them with their individual needs.

LA Medical Wholesale Works with Long Term Care Institutions

LA Medical Wholesale responds to the ever-changing needs long term care institutions quickly and accurately, allowing you to get the supplies and equipment that your patient needs in a timely manner. Long term care institutions have relied on our prompt services to provide equipment for long term use and best fits their patient’s needs and requests.

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LA Medical Wholesale is an Approved Government Contractor!

LA Medical Wholesale is an Approved Government Contractor

LA Medical Wholesale is an Approved Government Contractor

Contract Number: V797D-50511

Department of Veteran Affairs

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Patient Mobility Devices

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65 II F

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